My name is Mademoiselle Thé Dansant (but you can simply call me Miss TD). I grew up with my dear grandmother. She tought me to drink Earl Grey tea, with a slice of lemon and a spoonfull of sugar. Together we spent many hours watching romantic black-and-white movies. When gran passed away three years ago, I inherited her fortune, being her only relative. After the funeral I quit my job at the florist, packed my bags and jumped on the first plane to Milan. Today I’m still travelling around the world in search of pretty things to cherish. I always keep an eye open for striped tees and dresses and vintage handbags (especially chanel bags, oh how do I love those!). Right now i’m staying in Tokyo. I love Japanese design, but I really see no point in eating raw fish (not even when it carries an expensive name like sushi!). I simply can’t wait to be back in London and indulge in a large portion of fish and chips with lots of vinegar.

All the prettyness I find, I send to my to mignons (hihi) and dearest friends back in Belgium. Isis and Nimue live in a turn-of-the-century estate in a quiet street in Ghent, where the Thé Dansant headquarters are also situated.

Isis likes her tea with a spot of milk, and no sugar nor honey. According to her tea is best served with a British detective (Inspector Frost, Midsomer Murders, Dalziel & Pascoe, and many many other adorable grumpy basterds). She also likes to drink her cup in the company of the hero and heroine of a romance novel. Tea time is also a perfect time for dreaming about the vegetable garden she has been wanting since childhood.

Nimue only drinks her tea with milk ànd honey (three spoons, if you please!). She loves to sip her tea while wearing her pyjama’s, preferably accompanied by fashion magazines and ninteenth century novels (you’ve gotta love men in tight pants, lol). If she could she’d paint the whole world pink – because pink makes happy! – but for the time being she started off with her room.

Thanks for strolling around our blog, we hope you have a lovely (tea)time here!
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