Tea Tuesday

Tea Tuesday
1. And the morning light fell into my tea by A restless heart , 2.Tea Strainer by Ornamelle, 3.Frülingstau by Ivy Style33, 4.Handmade in Taiwan bySebastien Joho

Bonsoir my lovelynesses!

Altough I personally prefer black tea with a splash of milk, one musn't forget to sip a cup of green tea too once in a while! In case you didn't know allready green tea happens to be très, très good for you!

For example: Green Tea leaves contain natural fluoride (you know, the stuff they put in toothpaste) wich helps to strenghten your tooth enamel - hello, shiny white theeth!

Another active ingrediënt of Green Tea are it's antioxidants. These help you detox your body. Wich will help you to lose weight.
Green Tea is also know for it's positive effects on your skin. Not only does it make your complexion acne-free and healthier, it even retards the aging proces!

But it doesn't only preform miracles for you looks. It's believed that Green Tea can help you lower your cholesterol, control diabetes, prevent the formation of cancer and make chemotherapy more effective.

Oh my, can you believe all that?! I'm making myself a cup right away ;)



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