Mancandy Wednesday

Bonjour mes belles!

Not only needs a girl a regular portion of interior-candy, fashion-candy and food. She also deserves a snack of man-candy to get trough the week. And that's exactly what I'm giving you gals today ;) Please have a bite of these gorgeous men in tuxedo's. They're sensitive, polite, good kissers, smoking hot and on top of it all true gentlemen! What a shame they don't make men like this anymore. Well at least they can live on in our dreams *sigh*

Mencandy Wednesday
1. Angelika Buettner 2. Josh Hartnett, Emporio Armani Diamonds for men 3. Angelika Buettner 4. Jude Law, Dior Intense for men

I'm gonna curl up on the couch with my man now. He might not be the perfect gentlemen, but most of the time he's pretty close ;)



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