Message Monday

Message Monday
1. Vintage by Artistic Muse 2. Antique mailbox of pink rose by Jungle Durian

Bonjour dear readers!

Due to my tremendously chaotic life and even more chaotic and silly brain, I forgot my dearest camera at my boyfriend's house. So yet again we have an unusual Message Monday for you this week... But I promise however to make all this folly and nonsense up to you with a Message Wednesday (the day my sweet boyfriend will give my sweet camera back to me ;)). In the meantime I thought I'd share these adorable ol' fashioned mailboxes with you! There ain't nothing more romantic than a handwritten love letter I dare say. It really is a shame that e-mail and text-messages have taken those away from us. And left those poor mailboxes with nothing to fill them but bills and advertisements - and maybe if we're very lucky an occasional postcard...

Ah well, at least it gives us something be nostalgic about!

Good night my loves!


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