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Bonsoir tout le monde!

Last week we talked about Spring cleaning around the house! Spring however is not only a good time to clean your house. It's also a perfect time to give yourself a detox and to wash the last bits of winter off your body! This is how we do it:

Fill a large bowl with boiling water and add a few sprinkles of tea tree-essence. Hang over the bowl, put a towel over your head (Oh yes, I forgot to mention: this might look a bit silly so make sure you're home alone ;)) and steam the dirt out of those pores! While your pores are open, it's the perfect timing for a facial mask. I prefer something clay-based.

Meanwhile fill the bathtub. If you like you can pour some Rose-bath oil in the water. Not only will this smell great, it 'll also help your body to get rid of waste products and hydrate your skin at the same time! Let your skin soak in the hot water for a few minutes. Then scrub from head to toe. Scrubbing improves your blood circulation and makes your skin soft as a baby's bottom!

Once out of the bath and dried off with a soft cotton towel, give yourself a body massage with almond oil. Almond is the crème de la crème when it comes to hydration! You can add some lemon and/or rosemary essence to your almond oil. They both have a detoxing and cleansing effect and preform miracles in battling cellulite.

Now all you have to do is put on comfy lounge wear and enjoy a delicious cup of green tea. This magic potion is filled with anti-oxidants and keeps your skin looking young and healthy!

So far my favorite Spa-at-home! Come to think about it... I should do this much more often!

Detox kisses,


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