Message Monday

Message Monday

Bonjour mes amis!

Miss TD speaking! It's been such a long time ago that I left you girls a message! But then again I've been a very busy women, strolling around in thrift stores and flea markets finding adorable thingies to put in the store... After my stay in Utrecht I decided it was time for another visit to my Belgian friends in Ghent! While spending three hours on the train, I took the opportunity to leave behind a secret message ;)

When I arrived here, I was thrilled too see that my little helpers have been very busy too! And off course I am utterly charmed by all the enthusiastic readers of our blog, fans and members of our flickr group... All the activity and creativity just makes me feel so energetic! It seems we now even have a newsletter!
Which reminds me: For the occasion of Mother's day we plan to give a discount and special gift wrapping. More details will follow in the newsletter, so please do subscribe my dears!

I'm planning on staying in Belgium until the end of the week, so I'll see you around!


Miss TD

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  1. :) geweldig, die had ik graag gevonden. Maar mijn trein ging niet naar Gent.


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