Bedroom Stories: Lilac Life

Bedroom Stories
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Hello again!

Today I want to share with you some amazingly, dreamy, unreal bedroom inspirations. I have had lilac and lavender on my mind lately (which might have something to do with the fesh load of lilac and mauve colored mens shirts and sweaters I have been labeling, sorting and hanging at work this week).
I wish I had a bedroom worthy of a fairytale princess! Including an upholstered headboard, lilac drapery, silky beadspreads and tons of pillows, and, last but not least, a beautiful vanity for keeping jewelry and make up!

What would your perfect bedroom look like?


PS.: We will have a small shop update tomorrow, with some of the treasures Miss TD sent us from Amsterdam. So, be sure to stop by our blog and shop again in about 20 hours!

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