Beauty Stories

Beauty Stories

Hi dears!

A week ago or so I promised you my recipe for a home-made body scrub. Et vóila, here it is:

What you need is...
- 2 cups of sugar
- 1 cup of olive oil
- a few drops of lavender essence
- fresh mint
- a pretty jar with a lid

What you do is...
You put the sugar in a bowl, pour over the olive oil and stir well, until you get a nice moist texture (moist enough to hold together but not overly oily). If necessary you can adjust the amount of oil. Then sprinkle in a few drops of the lavender essence. It really depends on how strong you want it to be scented. I think I used about 10-15 drops. Optionally you can mix in the mint. Laslty pour your scrub in your pretty jar...and done! Your scrub should stay fresh for at least half a year without the mint, and about three weeks with!
Use it once a week and your skin will be super smooth and hydrated! Oh and a nice extra: your whole bathroom smells overwhelmingly good!

Now that's is what I call Domestic Wellness ;) Of course you can experiment with different scents and fresh herbs. Lavender for example works relaxing and I just threw in the mint to add some colour (and off course it smells delish). Well, have fun making your own!

I'm off relaxing with my lavender scrub in a hot bath with a cup of Chamomile Tea...

Au révoir



  1. Amazing colors! :) My recipe is pretty much the same, but I never thought of adding fresh herbs - that's really neat. I also add a few drops of rose water sometimes...

  2. Just found to you via Anita (http://www.1richtungsblog.com/) _ I'm soooo glad I did! What wonderful things you show us! I might have to go and get some olive oil & sugar today ;-)
    ♥ maaria


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