Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday
1.?? , 2. Shell for sale at Thé Dansant, 3. Vogue Latin America Februari 2010, 4.??


While I'm very much enjoying my stay with Isis and Nimue, I can't stop thinking about travelling again! Monday I'm heading for the Kingdom of Tea (yes, I do mean the UK). Since I'll be going by boat I thought a nautical inspired attire would be suited ;) Above you can see my outfit inspiration (sorry for the lack of links for image 1 and 4, I saved these a long time ago and couldn't seem to track down where I had found them). I love the sailor style since it involves stripes (yay!), marine blue and lots of clean and crisp white. It's casual yet classy and so the perfect outfit to travel! Add up some giant sunglasses and I'm already on my way ;)

I'm so looking forward to the British Countryside, Old Castles and of course an abundance of Scones and Earl Grey Tea! I'll keep you posted ;)

Au-révoir mes amis!

Miss TD

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