Shop update!

Good day dear friends!
We have updated the shop today with three fresh pieces of jewelry, to complete your spring outfits!
We love bows, we love pink, we love vintage treasures, sparkling diamonds and beads. We think it's time for skirts, stripy tees, cute hair, romantic underwear and the last days to wear that fab fur coat. And, of course, pretty glittering treasures to wear with them!

1. Mademoiselle Lysbeth earrings at our shop, 2. Pink Peonies by {elena}, 3. Flower pompoms on my shoes by Fleur Avenue, 4. Shipwrecks, voyage and nautical daydreams by lenaah

1. Miss Nancy necklace at our shop, 2. Frozen fashion by little doodles, 3. Garden outfit by abby tries again, 4. Fur by paula aparicio

1. Mademoiselle Sophie earrings at our shop, 2. Gravity by Candice Lesage Austen, 3. oh deer by lesretrouvailles, 4. 1018 by alltherage

Here at the headquarters of Thé Dansant we know that we want to look our best while heading to the flowers market, drinking tea in town, and going out in the city with our friends! How about you?


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