Message Monday

Message Monday
Hello darlings!

This Sunday I had a lovely brunch with Mr. P over at Julie's house. While attending the ladies room I took the liberty of leaving behind a secret message for one of Julie's visitors! After I've done my duty I enjoyed a splendid cup of 'Thé du Matin', freshly baked scones, American pancakes with maple syrup and French toast with jam! I've gotta say I felt stuffed like a turkey when we left, but is was sure worth it... There's something about having your Sunday brunch in the city. It just feels so chic and fashionable! It's one of my favorite ways to give myself a treat! I hope you had an equally relaxing Sunday? If not: be sure to follow my example next weekend ;)



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  1. I'm really curious to know what is the secret message! :) Do you put contact details, so you know who finds them...


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